Welcome to the Teaching Handbook, your guide to teaching resources at Western Washington University. Explore the menus or search the Handbook for ideas to support your teaching endeavors or view the following featured resources.

Instructor-Centered Services

Two instructors have a discussion next to a laptop on a table in a conference room.

Instructional design, accessibility, online ed.

Innovative Teaching Showcase

The word Showcase illuminated by a lightbulb

Best practices featuring WWU instructors

Open Educational Resources

Two adults sit in chairs facing a huge array of resources, books and a wall mounted screen on open shelves.

WWU support for alternative textbooks

Learning Opportunities

Two adults organizing Post-It notes on glass wall

Workshops, presentations, subscriptions

Teaching Toolkits

two colorful vintage toolboxes

Inclusive teaching, active learning, FERPA

Technology & Trends

Young adult using a laptop

Academic tech, AI/GPT, ideas

Teaching & Learning Cooperative (TLCo-op)

The TLCo-op is a multi-department collection of strategies, tools, and practices for innovative teaching and learning.