Innovative Teaching Showcase

What is the the Innovative Teaching Showcase?

The Innovative Teaching Showcase features best practices of Western’s most dynamic instructors. The intention of the Innovative Teaching Showcase is to highlight inspirational teaching by WWU instructors while freely sharing teaching ideas and materials that other instructors can use. 

The content of the Showcase is presented with a Creative Commons license to allow others to use the ideas and materials presented as long as it is with attribution. The Showcase is a “series publication” created by the Center for Instructional Innovation and Assessment (CIIA) at Western Washington University.

How is the Showcase created?

The Western community nominates WWU instructors who exemplify each Showcase publication’s teaching strategy theme. Featured instructors work with the CIIA to create the Showcase resources, including a portfolio write-up of a teaching approach, video interviews with each professor, and any relevant syllabi, assignments, examples, comments, and resource materials.

How are the Showcases themed?

Each Showcase embodies a topical theme in higher education. Settled upon by the CIIA's advisory board, themes range from "active learning" to "social justice." The 2022 Showcase, themed “Difficult Conversations,” was envisioned in 2019 and after a pandemic-induced hiatus, was published in the 2022-23 academic year. Despite the extended project timeline, the topic stood the test of time.

Recent Showcases

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