Panopto Video Management System @ WWU

What is Panopto?

Panopto is WWU’s video management system for managing academic recordings. WWU has used Panopto for video management since 2021.

Panopto can be activated in any Canvas course by adding it to the navigation under settings. By doing this, Panopto initiates a "Creator" account for teachers and a special folder for the class. Creators can record via the web, record via the application, and upload media created elsewhere. All content is automatically captioned for better accessibility; however, the Disability Access Center can help make the transcript better when it is needed for a student accommodation.

When students access videos from the Canvas class where it has been implemented, a "Viewer" account is created for them. If a teacher sets up an "assignments" folder in Panopto, students in that that Canvas course will be granted Creator access to that folder so they can contribute videos. The folder can be set to limit viewing to only their own or to allow students to see each other's videos. The videos can be submitted in an assignment or discussion forum.

Faculty can easily perform minor edits to their videos, share them only with specific people or courses or set them to be shared publicly, access viewer statistics, add on-screen quiz questions, and more. Faculty who record in Zoom can automatically move recordings from Zoom to Panopto and into a space for students to view via Canvas. These strategies and others are available on the TLCo-op's collection of Panopto posts.


How Can I Get Help?

WWU Canvas Resources

The ATUS Learning Systems office provides in-depth technical and instructional design support. Key resources for Canvas include the following:

Self-Directed Learning